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By: Sports Editor Jessie Castellanos

Just when you think that lightning in a bottle is impossible to recapture, TellTalesGames does it again with their latest installment, The Walking Dead:Season 2: A House Divided, arguably one of the best episodes of the whole series, according to many critics. These words have some weight to them, considering the success this series has already seen, winning over 90 Game Of The Year Awards in 2013, and changing peoples idea of how storytelling should be done.

Episode one is more of an introduction and character development phase, to transition you to and establish a foundation for what is to come. After losing both your friends, Christa and Amid, you find yourself in an unknown setting, with unfamiliar faces that do not trust you. For an eleven year old girl, their trust is absolutely necessary if she wants to survive in this dark post apocalyptic world. In the efforts of gaining their trust, her and a smaller group are attacked, throwing the people of the group into a state of panic and confusion.

Episode two continues you on Clementine’s dark transition from a sweet dependant little girl to a hardened do whatever it takes survivor. While home alone, you’re introduced to the monster TellTaleGames has gone to deepest caverns of hell to give birth to. That monster’s name is William Carver, and he is looking for members of his group that have “gotten lost”, and he will not rest till they’re “safe back home.”

Thus begins the Journey north to safety, continuing the dark path Clementine has embarked, she must continue to make choices that will affect her character and her relationship with others. This time along choices you make have a much greater impact than ever before, especially the last 30 minutes where you have the fate of the whole group in your hands. It feels like the choices you make will leave everlasting impacts that will change the whole direction of the game.

Tell Tale does a good job on building up the personalities of the characters and manipulating the feelings we have towards them. There is a bond that grows that leaves you torn between two groups, hence the title, A House Divided. The mechanics of the game remain unchanged, but the quick action sequences this season continues to leave you frantically trying to hit the right buttons and moving the analog stick in the right way, while your heart is trying to burst out of your chest.

The dialogue remains great, intense at times and some what comical in others, it is enjoyable to watch these characters converse. Please be prepared for an emotional reunion with an unexpected character from the previous season, it will spark funny feelings inside. Artwork continues to look great, one negative still being the frame rate issues and glitches the game still experiences once in a while.

A House Divided is arguably and justifiably one of the best episodes TellTale Games has ever put out. It seems to have done everything right and I can easily say I can not wait for the next episode to come out. Episode one was a slow start but episode two picked it up and ran with it. My rating of them game is a 9.5 out of 10 a must buy.

There’s one thing to keep in mind, a man will cross any distance of land, climb any mountain, go any where and do anything, for his family.