KayeWalter1By: News Editor Blair DeLong

April 8, 2014 the Bergen Community College Faculty Association (BCCFA) motioned for a vote of no confidence against current BCC President B. Kaye Walter.

Of the 165 faculty members  that voted on the motion, 109 were in favor, 46 against and 10 abstained.

Secretary of the BCCFA, Professor Alan Kaufman  said,  “A vote of no confidence is a really, really serious action to take. It shouldn’t be taken quickly. It shouldn’t be taken impetuously. Last year relations with the President were different. I think people had patience.”

One major issue for the BCCFA  would be the reorganization of the college and the way it is being done. All past presidents had set up reorganization committees, made of up members of the faculty to assist in the process. “This didn’t happen this time,” Kaufman said. “The faculty has been asked for input, but I don’t think a lot of the people on the faculty are confident that the input will be taken seriously. So people are upset at these kinds of things.”

While President Walter said, “Faculty union leaders at Bergen Community College have held such votes for the presidents that preceded me.”, which after extensive research has happened only one other time since 1997, and that was a motion of a vote of no confidence in previous BCC President Jerry Ryan. Before his tenure as president of BCC, Judith K. Winn was president and a motion for a vote of no confidence was never called against her.

Chairman of the Board of Trustees E. Carter Corriston said in a phone interview, “First of all, the Board of Trustees wholeheartedly support our president and actions she has taken.” He also continued to say, “This vote doesn’t mean anything to the Board of Trustees. We recognize this as a tactic by the Faulty Union”

President Walter said, “As the Faculty Association continues to engage in the negotiation process with the College Negotiator, I hope that the Faculty Association is able to keep its focus on what should also be its number one priority, the success of all Bergen students. That is after all the mission of Bergen Community College.  All of our time, energy, and resources should be devoted to assisting us in meeting that mission.”