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By Online-Editor Fellix Lyu
For 80 years, John Wheeler and Gregory Breit’s theory would be observed as an unproven theory that converts matter from light. An unproven theory that was not thought upon, until this year.

The theory of creating matter from light was around for almost a decade and wasn’t touched upon, until the resources to prove the theory was available. When experimentalists happened to fall upon this theory, the usage of two SuperColliders and a various range of computer simulations were the first things on their mind. The “Breit-Wheeler” theory stated that smashing one anti-photon and one photon could convert itselves into an electron and it’s anti-matter counterpart, a positron.

Gregory Breit, a physicist who was well known for his involvement in the Manhattan Project and the first atomic bomb, wanted to help re-engineer the thought process of “E=MC2”, along with his colleague, John Wheeler. Wheeler, a collaborator of Albert Einstein, believed in the unified field theory that Einstein once envisioned. Two iconic physicists worked together to create the theory to create matter from light.

Although this discovery was an amazing find, could this really do anything with the process of re-engineering the study of light? The answer would be yes. The first law of thermodynamics suggests that matter and energy cannot be created nor can it be destroyed. But the convergence of energy into matter can be described as limitless because energy and light started from the “Big Bang Theory”. At one point in time, the universe has a center of energy that spread across and expanded. Because of this light and energy was theorized as infinite. If this theory is true, could matter not also be infinite as well?

The studies of electrodynamics suggest that this proven theory could revolutionize the aspects and studies of photon-photon interactions.

Light is involved with both particles and wavelengths, this also means that matter does not only have to be determined only by one potential type of matter. What other possibilities can connect to this proven theory? We shall see.

“The Breit-Wheeler process is one of the simplest interactions of light and matter and one of the purest demonstrations of E=MC2,” said Oliver Pike of the Imperial College of London.