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By Online-Editor Fellix Lyu

Whenever people are too desperate to lose weight or to get an Atlas-like body, they search through fitness fads that don’t really care whether they become fit or not. Six Pack Shortcuts, or Mike Chang, made his Youtube channel on Dec 1, 2009, and started making videos about how to lose weight faster than the average gym-goer. At first, he gave free advice and made videos that actually could work. But as time progressed, you started thinking his exercises were baloney. His made-up exercise, the “Towel Rows”, would make you question, “How did this guy get 2,680,270 subscribers?”

If you have not cringed at watching someone do terrible form on squats, you have to watch Mike Chang and Daniel Rose do squats at the gym. To do a real squat, your back has to be arched, your thighs have to be linearly parallel to your chest, and your legs need to be at a 90 degree angle. If you went to the gym and saw Daniel Rose do a squat, you would shake your head and want to take the power rack away from him.

Every video of his was either inside his home or inside a local gym. Every time I watched his workouts, I’d believe that he was just another fitness guru who wanted subscribers and clients, rather than actually helping the people who watched his videos. How does a guy who struggles to do a 225 lbs. incline bench press, become the number one fitness guru of Youtube? He chose the right words, the right pictures, and the right crowd.

If people actually searched up other fitness channels, they would be looking at stronger people who could lift twice the weight Mike Chang ever could and see that Mike Chang is just a “pretty boy” with a body made from genetics. All of the bodybuilders of Youtube would say, “There is no shortcut, you just have to love the grind.” Channels like Elliott Hulse, CaliforniaStrength, HanHChampion or even Bart Kwan, can give you tips to be safe and leave the comfort zone of 20 pound dumbbells. They can show how fun working out can be and even give you life lessons that they have experienced.

If you do not want to look as big as the powerlifters and bodybuilders that can rip your head off like Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane, then just walk or even run for an hour, once a day. If you want some fun with your exercise, you can even watch Crossfit videos, which balances out aesthetics and athletics.

Mike Chang is not a terrible fitness trainer, he makes a dietary plan that every bodybuilder uses for nutrition and for an increase in metabolism. And if you want easy 15 minute workouts, and watch the cardio workouts to make you a little more fit, then by all means, watch Six Pack Shortcuts. But the fact of the matter is, is that Mike Chang will hit you with a “How I Went from Fat to Six Pack Abs!” and show you ads of pre-workout supplements that you have never even heard of.