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By News-Editor Blair DeLong
We all know this girl. No matter where you’re from or what social circles you’re apart of, there is always one. Yes folks, it’s the self proclaimed “nerd girl” or “nerd guy”.

We all know the type. They’ll wear comic book inspired shirts and try to make it known that they are such a nerd for watching the Avengers the other night. What makes it worse, is that they have no clue what the life of a true nerd is like.

This taken from personal experience, being a nerd is hard. Not only am I genuinely interested in most things science related, I’m also a huge gamer and avid fantasy novel reader. These things are what caused me and my group of friends to be ostracized in high school. I understand I sound a little “woe is me” right now, but let me hit the main point before you make any assumptions.

Now being an adult, I’ve had the chance to meet some truly amazing people that I can really click with through our shared joys of all things nerdy (science, high fantasy, role playing games and video games).But what people consider nerdy now is not what people like me once took pride in and took the lumps (both physically and mentally) to prove it.

You like Star Wars? Great! But can you explain to me the make and model of Han Solo’s blaster?( Blaster Pistol, Blastec DL-44 Heavy Blaster by the way). It’s an example like this that will separate the poser or the casual fan from the nerd. You go on and on as to how much you enjoy playing Call of Duty, but the moment someone brings up Secret of Mana you’re dumbfounded and call them a loser. Where do we draw the line folks? Where is the line that divides the girl with the thick glasses and a Pokemon shirt, who knows nothing of the series or various other games, and acts the way she does for attention, from the actual nerd girl that enjoys physics, RPGs and the occasional Reanimator marathon?

Girls aren’t the only attention seeking posers either,guys are just as bad.

Me: Hey man what did you do last night?

Friend: Man, I was up all night playing CoD: Black Ops II, “pwning noobs”. I’m such a gamer dude.

Me: Shit, I didn’t know you played games, wanna try some Portal 2 later?

Friend: Na man, that shits gay. Why play a game I can’t kill (N bomb) in?

Now I’m using a horribly stereotypical interaction, but it illustrates what really happens. Even with gaming aside, the fashion of being a nerd is killing me as well. In high school I would wear my Captain America shirt proudly because I was a fan and it was my way of supporting the series. You’d hear the common jeers and jokes but really in the end 10 years later, high profile actors and musicians are wearing the same clothing, but now it’s cool. Sadly,they usually don’t understand they are wearing a Red Lantern Corps shirt.

I guess it’s just gotten to the point that to be a nerd is purely for the attention a person can get from others. It’s still considered against the flow of normal fashion and thinking,but it’s become chic. Some days I wish it would just go back to normal where, if you were a nerd you knew your way around a 20 sided die and character sheet and would put hours into leveling up your “materia”. Maybe it might be that I miss being apart of something different, one of the originals not a Target knock off.

We can thank these folks for one thing though, because of our nerd culture becoming mainstream the attention garnered has been unprecedented, allowing for many good things to come from it. Video game developers are receiving more money to push more product out there ( not good product, ya I’m looking at you EA, but product none the less). In the end I know I sound like some cry baby hipster, but have you ever gotten into a fight because some guy thought since you wore a Mario Bros. Mushroom shirt you had to be gay?