Courtesy of Tanya Boghossian

Courtesy of Tanya Boghossian

By Gabe Wanissian, Sports Editor

Wanissian: “Tell me a little bit about yourself? Background? Your Major, your plans for the future?”
De Leon: “I play basketball for Bergen, I wanna be a gym teacher when I grow up, I’m from the Dominican Republic”

Wanissian: “DR? that’s a country that’s known for its baseball as well, did you play?”
De Leon: “I used to play baseball when I was little, but no, basketball is where it’s at, it’s my life now.”

Wanissian: “How did basketball come into your life?”
De Leon: “In the fifth grade I moved from DR to here, and my best friend and I started to Play Basketball everyday. The court was next to my house and the rest happened naturally”


Wanissian: “Almost like fate, right?”
De Leon: “Yeah, definitely”

Wanissian: “What’s your favorite aspects on the game?”
De Leon: “Everything”

Wanissian: “ [Do you] Prefer offensive or defensive?”
De Leon: “Both. You have to play both sides of the ball soundly; there’s only five players on the court for the team. So I like both.”

Wanissian: “What do you do to improve yourself with your game?”
De Leon: “We’re lifting, and as you can tell from last year’s results we finish what’s required to train. We train very hard and we try to improve everyday.”

Wanissian: “How do you prepare yourself mentally/physically before a game?”
De Leon: “You have to calm yourself, it’s just you and the game, you got to block the outside world, no matter what happens in the outside you got to just block it when it comes to gametime.”

Wanissian: “Is basketball therapy in a way?
De Leon: “Yes, it’s an escape.”

Wanissian: “What do you expect this season?”
De Leon: “I expect a lot from us. We’re very good this season, the new people that are coming in, they’re very good, they play with a lot of heart. Last year you could tell we played with a lot of heart, and this season will only be better”

Wanissian: “What are the strong points?”
De Leon: “We play hard every possession, even if we don’t know each other yet, we play through it and stay on the same page.”

Wanissian: “Any competition to watch out for?”
De Leon: “Yeah there’s some teams out there, but this season, they have to watch out for us”

Wanissian: “Will I see you in the NBA?”
De Leon:  “Hopefully man! (Laughing)”