DSC_0038-1By Iness Rabah

On Tuesday, September 16th, the Mets faced the Marlins in a game that about 30 people attended through BCC. With a $20 ticket that included food and all you can soft drinks, it didn’t matter if you’re a Mets fan or if you think they stink. It was a great deal and an all-around fun experience for all who went.

The comfy coach bus made for a smooth ride to Citi-Field Stadium in NY. For some, myself included, it was our first time at a baseball game. Skies were cloudy and it was a bit nippy, but hey—at least it wasn’t pouring like it had been earlier that day. The sun set over the stadium made for a great view.

The stadium itself was massive. Big graphic signs depicting famous trademarks like Pepsi-Cola could be seen wherever we went. As for food and drink, we were allowed three vouchers. One was for either a hotdog, hamburger, veggie dog or veggie burger, along with gluten-free and kosher choices; the second we could redeem for french fries. Drinks were unlimited until the bottom of the seventh inning and included soda, water, and beer.

Everyone on the trip from BCC had a nice view of the field from where we were seated, as well as the giant screen portraying player information, replays, side games for fans to win free stuff and the infamous kiss cam. A few noteworthy characters were Pinman, Signman and Cowbell Man, who were more than happy to take pictures with fans.

Mets beat the Marlins 9-1. There were a few die-hard Mets fans in the group that left the game glowing from merriment. Everyone was in good spirits. “Yeah, I like the Yankees but surprisingly the Mets were good and the game was fun.” said student Nora Figueroa.

“There was a lack of people in the audience, but I think that made for a better personal connection, I really enjoyed it,” said Torch Layout Editor, Ricardo Montero.

It’s clear that you didn’t need to be a Mets fan to have enjoyed this game. We thank Bergen Community College for this wonderful experience and look forward to any more to come.