Courtesy of the Walking Dead

Courtesy of AMC

By Briana Cole, Contributing Writer

Just as we finally begin to see some light for the Walking Dead clan, the hope of Terminus (an advertised sanctuary for other survivors) being a safe place is crushed. On Sunday October 12, 2014 AMC aired the Season 5 premiere of the Walking Dead not expecting to break cable records with 17.3 million viewers, 7% higher than Season 4. After reaching Terminus in Season 4, they have now been put in a vulnerable situation provoking them to prepare for an attack.

As the episode opens, everyone is crouched down, sweating and getting their makeshift weapons ready as we hear voices in the distance. The gang stands up, prepared to fight when unexpectedly, the roof opens and a can is dropped in. Within seconds, there is an explosion and there is a sense of confusion.

As the next scene unfolds, there’s a man (or butcher, by the looks of him) covered in a bloody apron cutting away at what looks like a human body. The picture clears and there are two men, one sporting a baseball bat and the other a machete, lining up their victims which include Rick, Daryl, Glenn, and Bob. You can imagine what gory mess happens here. At this point, you start to fear for our characters as the last guy is killed and the bat is now raised to Glenn. Conveniently, we are interrupted by Gareth, “the boss” who makes his rounds. Bob mumbles making promises of helping them find a cure but we all know that won’t work. Gareth has the overrated “let’s intimidate the hero” conversation with Rick.


But then we are saved by the bomb. A bomb goes off and a bunch of walkers on a trek towards Terminus which will eventually be blown to shreds.

Then, we see Carol, Tyreese and Baby Judith on their way to Terminus. They are rudely interrupted by some walkers but after the bomb goes off the walkers begin their journey to Terminus, relieving Carol and Tyreese. They come across the typical broken-down shed which holds a typical dingy guy who “just so happens” to be working with Terminus.

Carol, who started out as a meek woman in the beginning seasons of the show, evolves into a strong and driven character. She leaves Tyreese and the baby behind and heads to the fence of Terminus where walkers are starting to cause chaos and shoots a gas tank and lights off a rocket that causes an explosion. This is when the episode unfolds into my favorite action-packed zombie craze.

Zombies are everywhere at this point. They’re on fire, eating faces and ripping off arms as Carol plays out her plan perfectly. She is concealed in the herd of flesh-eaters and starts sharp shooting the enemy. Rick and friends attack their captors and are back at the top of the food chain. They take on their regular task of being the heroes which makes the show semi-predictable but still enjoyable especially since Rick now possesses that manly beard we’ve all grown to love. As we all predicted, Terminus is taken over by walkers and Carol is reunited with the clan.

I almost wanted to tear up a little at the sight of Carol in her gut drenched poncho hugging Daryl. And then when Rick is reunited with his baby, Judith. That made any viewer want to drop a tear or two. I can’t forecast much in the upcoming episodes of the Walking Dead because everything seems to be at a positive stand still. Rick does the cliche hero act of putting an “X” on the sign advertising Terminus as a “sanctuary.” Everyone’s back together but the only issue is where the troop will set up their new home.