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By Jessie Castellanos

It is a great sight to see when a show that is as artistically drawn and as well-written as The Legend of Korra comes around and gives grown men and women a good reason to watch cartoons again. Not just a cartoon that is supposed to make us laugh with crude humor, after a back-breaking day on the work field, but a show that can grasp our attention with its beauty and integration of issues affecting our society today. As a result, it create a mentally stimulating story.

TLOK is currently in its fourth and final season and so far, the first 5 episodes have been phenomenal. Everything that was promised to us in the season’s trailer have so far been delivered by the fine folks at Studio Mir, the studio responsible in creating the fascinating world of elemental bending. There were moments throughout the previous season which took my breath away, for example, Zaheer literally taking the earth queen’s oxygen from her lungs, or even leaving me as scatterbrained as P’Li when she took a metal suit to the face. But enough with the clever puns, get ready to get your head blown off with an awesome review of Book four, episode 6 “ Battle of Zaofu”

If you have a similar thought process as this writer, you were probably thinking before this episode aired that an epic throwdown was about to go down. With Kuvira’s forces surrounding the metal city of Zaofu and desperation getting high, only Korra bringing down an elemental smackdown would settle this issue. This is obviously giving Korra more credit than she is due. When I thought she was back and done getting beaten up by earthbenders, Kuvira challenges her confidently to a one-on-one battle. Kuvira proceeds to make Korra look like a five-year-old just barely starting to learn her powers.

But in a way, I admire Kuvira and her leadership skills, at points I felt like I was on her team. I know this is like saying I’m impressed with a tyrannical dictator oppressing people and controlling them to the point they can barely breathe, but hear me out.

So far Kuvira went from being the head of Suyin Bei Fong’s elite guard to militaristically and politically taking over a whole nation that takes up half the world, with no one to stop her. She does this confidently, and with her charisma she is able to make all these people follow her to the death, not taking no for an answer. She just forces her way to her goal. She has an idea and she is making it happen. All I’m saying is, that is pretty impressive for someone to make that happen. Her intentions are evil and she must be stopped, but this writer can’t help but to side with her a little bit when the person that is supposed to keep balance, fights like a three-year-old chihuahua, and the world is supposed to feel protected by her.

Like other villains, Kuvira ideally makes some sense. She is trying to unite a nation that has been left in shambles so they can be stronger than ever. When she say things like,  “Zaofu can not continue to rule themselves. They have been hoarding their riches and technology for too long. Im here to distribute those resources fairly across the nation, this is about equality.”  You wonder “Is she wrong?

Though I must say as difficult as it is to admit it, I’m staying on Korra’s side. The way Kuvira is oppressing her people is not right, and her end goal seems to be more evil than it so far seems. We have already seen that she wants to turn this spirit vine experiment into a weapon, nothing good ever comes from that. Hopefully, Korra snaps out of it and takes her role as the protector of the realm more seriously.