Caption: Protesters and Police put differences aside and hug, proving that there is no hard feelings Courtesy of

Caption: Protesters and Police put differences aside and hug, proving that there is no hard feelings Courtesy of

By Jessie Castellanos, Editor-In-Chief

Earlier this week, a group of anti-government protesters in Bangkok, Thailand attempted to seize a metropolitan police bureau. The purpose behind this protest was to topple the current political party/family in power that had been accused of not serving for public interest. Police were given orders to harass and block the protesters, instead they yielded to the peaceful riots, laid down their barricades and helmets and allowed the protesters to move freely because of the current monarch’s birthday.

According to, riots had been repeating since November 2013, when Thailand legislation attempted to pass a bill that would pardon any political figures that have been charged with a crime since 2004. This would include former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra who has been accused of multiple accounts of corruption and abuse of power.

Suthep Thaugsuban, leader of the protest stated that the goal of his riots have been to destroy the political machine of the former prime minister. Shinawatra, who in 2006 was ousted by a military coup and sentenced to a self-imposed exile with a 2-year sentence awaiting him if he ever chose  to return to Thailand. However, he has continued to utilize political influence amongst the political parties and the greatest concern to the people is that his sister, Yingluck Shinawatra is the current prime minister of Thailand.

Like her brother in 2004, on May 2014, constitutional court found her guilty of abusing her power and forced her to step down. Within a few weeks, the military took over and suspended the constitution in an attempt to “restore order.” Ms. Shinawatra has also been indicted over a controversial scheme which paid farmers far above the market rates for rice. She is currently facing impeachment which would leave her unable to hold a political position for five years.

Since the first occurrence of the riots, there have been 28 deaths and 800 casualties due to shootings, sporadic violence, bomb attempts and grenades being thrown at protesters. Police have been ordered multiple times before, to put an end to the opposition using violence if necessary. Seeing the police not resort to unjust violence and not following irrational orders mindlessly is a welcoming sight. It is great to see the people of Thailand hugging and kissing instead of being at each others throats.