Credit: Melissa Perez

Credit: Noura Dakka

By Melissa Perez, Staff Writer

With pages full of werewolves, vampires, angels and shapeshifters, Shadow Falls is slowly taking over the young adult paranormal world. The series, starts off with Born At Midnight, (the first novel in the series) which follows Kylie Galen’s mess of a life and the inability to do anything about it.

Even with the paranormal romance genre, it does not stop the author C.C. Hunter from diving into intense topics that make us wince. Right off the bat, the readers see how Kylie is faced with her parent’s divorce, a friend’s pregnancy scare, and a manipulative boyfriend.


Kylie’s problems eventually lands her on a bus shipping her off to Shadow Falls camp, a camp for troubled youths and expected delinquents. Kylie’s experience at Shadows Falls camp becomes a strange phenomenon when she realizes the camp is not for misunderstood teenagers who act out. However, is actually for adolescents with supernatural abilities.

The Shadow Falls series takes you on an adventure with camp grounds full of supernatural creatures who deal with common young adult problems. Throughout the series, the campers fight with their inner demons; the main characters struggle with isolation, trust issues and deep family matters haunt them.

C.C. Hunter takes us back into what was suppose to be the best years of our lives and really reveals what can really happen in four years. From heartbreaking matters like her old best friend Sarah’s cancer, to actual heartbreak like Kylie’s complexing love triangle we experience how bitter sweet young relationships can be.

Overall, C.C. Hunter books are an exciting adventure that make a person feel like they are not flipping the page fast enough. A reader can feel like they are friends with the paranormal campers and feel at their side as they grow and face unimaginable journeys and simple everyday problems. The novels give us adventure, a creative story line and new uncommon happy endings.