Photo Courtesy of Time

Photo Courtesy of Time

By Christian Bonilla, Contributing Writer

Students from across the state of California had protested against the rise of tuition cost since the board of Regents of UC had voted on Wednesday, to raise tuition by 5 percent every year for five years. The tuition hike plan was passed with 7-2 votes and would increase the current tuition of $12,192 to $12,804 and would reach up to $15,564 by 2019, according to sources.

The plan was that the university can enroll 5,000 in-state students and 2,000 nonresident students within 5 years. According to Sofie Karasek, a UC Berkeley senior, the protests originated at the University of California at Berkeley where more than 300 students had manifested the campus around 12:30 P.M.

However students were able to attend class in spite of the protest during Thursday when protesters voted to declare an “open university”. The UC in San Diego and the UC in Irvine had also joined the protest and according to live tweets from students who are covering walkout protest estimates that the participation had rose to about 1,000.  

Occupiers of the protest had listed 13 demands which included to stop raising fees, to let more students to be in the UC board of Regents, to create a corporate tax to fund education and to release Jeff Noven, a 21 year old UC student who was arrested in the San Francisco regents meeting on Wednesday.

“We’re planning to hold this space as long as need be, and we’re trying do so in a civil way” said Paula Jaramillo, a UC Berkeley junior student on Wednesday night. “Students are constantly dismissed at regents meetings” spoke Jake Soiffer who is a member of the Fossil Free Cal, was also participated in the protest occupying Wheeler Hall.  

So far there hasn’t been any conflict confrontation between police and students during the occupy protest. “This is between the students and the administration…If there’s a life threatened or hazardous conduct, we’ll intervene. But short of that, we’ll let the students do their thing.” Said Marco Ruiz who is UCPD Officer. Still students and community activist had stated that they intend to stay in the building until their demands are met.