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By Melissa Perez, Staff Writer

One thing that New York Times bestselling author Cassandra Clare is good at, is stretching things out. She stretched out her Mortal Instruments series unnecessarily and dragged on the series with an aimless new plot line and three more books. She even added a spin-off series and another two are expected in 2015 and 2016.

After August 2013, the City Of Bones adaptation premiered and hacked the original storyline apart to the point where it was unrecognizable. The film’s earnings were only $31.2 million from American theaters and $90 million world-wide, respectively. That must have been a devastating blow to Clare, where Hunger Games made $160 million their first weekend in box offices. However, that is where poor acting, bad casting, and atrocious screenwriting gets you. After the disastrous film premiere, it was clear that the point of continuing as a movie franchise was pointless and a waste of money.

There have been some rumors that the book series will be spawned into a TV show, rather than just the first book (City of Bones) was on the table for debate. Fans became ecstatic at the idea of a do-over for not only the first book but all six books.

Mortal Instruments will be like a phoenix and rise from it’s City of Ashes. Without the pressure of trying to cram 468 pages into a two-hour span. It can really do the books justice while elaborating and expanding on a fictional story-line.

The TV show has been confirmed to start production in 2015 and fans can hardly wait. Under the genre of action and fantasy, the show, like the books, will most likely target young adults. The episodes will be about an hour each and every week. Ed Decter, who worked on The Client List and Boy Meets World, will be working as a showrunner . There are improvements to it already!

The biggest matter is the casting; the cast for the movie was all wrong. Their resemblance to the characters were lacking, just their acting skills. The actors who were chosen to play the characters did not look much like their characters and portrayed them poorly. It is unclear if the original cast will be switching from the silver screen to television screens or if they will be welcomed back at all.

Lily Collins who played the heroine Clary Fray has already walked away from the TV show and fans are sighing with relief. Lily’s horrendous acting in the movie was a main reason it was such a flop! Including she looks nothing like how the main character Clary is described. Her choice to sticking to two hour movies is a blessing in disguise. Maybe this time around they can actually find a natural redhead who is petite instead of slapping on a cheap dye job and editing her to look shorter.

This is a fresh start that the fans deserve and they are eager for it. Mortal Instruments does not have much to live up to and that puts more pressure on the cast and crew for it be all the more impressive. The hour long drama has fans and critics waiting in anticipation to see if it will be a dramatic, imaginary world full of Shadowhunters in black or if it will be a cheap and painful to watch show that gets cancelled after its first season. The fans after the failed film will most definitely be the TV program’s toughest critics.