Alex Nunez, president of the Animal Care Club.

By Noura Dakka, photo editor

Located in between Passaic and Morris county, Echo Lake Stables takes you on the paths of the ancient Indians. From mountainsides to swiftly running streams, outgoing trail guides will take you horseback riding with the most beautiful horses around.

Every Friday and Saturday night, Echo Lake Stables hosts gratifying night rides, as well as a western BBQ around a brilliant campfire. If you love horses and a little bit of adventure, then Echo Lake Stables is surely a place you would want to visit.

Animal Care club invited BCC students on a horseback riding trip on Sunday, November 16. Though it was about 42 degrees and lightly snowing, everyone waited anxiously to hop on a horse. Originally coming from Mexico, each horse had their own name. Each person gets their own horse, and the chaperons teach you how to restrain it. The horses are very calm, friendly and well trained. The trail guides lead the way into the mountains.

For an hour, we strolled up and down together. It was such a beautiful area, especially covered with a bit of snow. Some of the horses wanted to lead, so they raced each other to the front. At first it was terrifying, but as soon as you get the hang of it, it is not as hard as it seems. Actually, you soon begin to wish your horse starts galloping faster.


BCC student, Natasha Piñeiros, enjoying her trip with Animal Care Club. (Photos courtesy of Noura Dakka)

Everyone made friends with their horse, and started to understand how to control it. The trail guides were pleasant people, and were happy to have us and teach us the basics. Some of them even dressed like western cowboys. They offered help when needed and made sure everyone was safe.

           Echo Lake Stables was a wonderful experience. As soon as you ride a horse, you will not want to get off. They also offers private lessons and they even sell horses. It is really a place worthy of visiting more than once.