Johnny Manziel during a game with the Baltimore Ravens (Courtesy of MCT Campus)

Johnny Manziel during a game with the Baltimore Ravens (Courtesy of MCT Campus)

 By Clifford Boan, Copy Editor

 Johnny “Football” Manziel has entered rehab on Wednesday, January 28th for alcohol dependence. Manziel’s party lifestyle has caught up to him on numerous occasions, getting arrested as a freshman at Texas A&M for using a fake ID, as well as resisting arrest.

 The starter, who took over Brian Hoyer’s position week 15, has also had recent problems during his time as the starting Quarterback for the Cleveland Browns.

 The Friday night before the Browns’ week 17 game against the Baltimore Ravens, Manziel threw a party, causing himself and multiple teammates to be late to the Saturday walk-through of the facility. Manziel was on the IR at the time, but was still fined for missing hamstring treatment that day.

 It appears that he has entered treatment on his own terms. According to Brad Beckworth, a friend and advisor to Manziel and his family, “Johnny knows there are areas he needs to improve on to help him be a better family member, friend and teammate, so he decided to take this step in his life during the off-season. On behalf of Johnny and his family, we’re asking for privacy until he rejoins the team in Cleveland.”

Hoping to improve himself as a person and a player, Johnny Football is expected to rejoin the team for training camp, but who knows who will be the starting QB come the 2015 season.