Brandon Vandenburg (left) and Cory Batey (Courtesy of The Boston Globe)

Brandon Vandenburg (left) and Corey Batey (Courtesy of The Boston Globe)

By: Melissa Perez, Staff writer

The Nashville court has convicted Brandon Robert Vandenberg and Corey Lamont Batey of the charges of rape and sexual battery. In June 2013, the pair intoxicated then dragged, an unconscious woman’s limp body through Gillette House at Vanderbilt University. Vandenburg and Batey shut themselves into Room 213 with the alleged victim for thirty minutes where they nonconsecutively took advantage of her body, and recorded and photographed their actions.

The next day at 8 a.m. the victim woke up in foreign surroundings with a spotty memory, partially naked, bruised and urinated on faced down on a tile floor of Room 213. Also, her body showed more signs of the maltreatment such as vomit in her hair, a cut on her knee, and naustia. The woman, 21 years old at the time, was told by her assailant Vanderburg that she had been so drunk she had fallen ill to the point of vomiting. He also mentioned he stayed up on all night to take care of her. Embarrassed, the victim apologized.

Although, still suspicious and hearing rumors the girl decided to speak up and went to the police. Immediately both Batey and Vanderburg denied the act. Vanderburg even text messaged “I didn’t do anything and I feel like I’m getting blamed for stuff that didn’t happen. I just want to cry.” manipulating and lying to the young lady, influencing her to protect him and clear his name.

Persuaded by Vandenburg’s words the female did not want to undergo a medical examination but after insistence from the police, the victim underwent examination and discovered the truth. Batey and Vanderburg truly believed that the two could get away with the crime, and pleaded not guilty. Evidence was obtained and discovered; graphic photographs were found on both their cellphones including a video of the rape. The woman read a written statement against her assaulters.

Batey’s and Vandenberg’s actions have kicked them off the Vanderbilt University football team and not allowed back to the college for months. Including, conviction of four counts of aggravated rape, two counts of aggravated sexual battery and one of attempted aggravated rape.

The trial has not been held and the sentence is expected March 6. The victim, whose identity remains undisclosed, graduated from Vanderbilt with honors and is currently aiming towards her doctorate in another state.