Rose McIver in a promotional photo for IZombie (Courtesy of CWTV.com)


By Melissa Perez, Staff writer    

The media is always drawing inspiration from novels and author’s works, the CW network is taking a page from their book and producing a new young drama, ‘IZombie.”

The show is based off the DC comic book series IZombie by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred. The CW picked up the show on May 8, 2014 and the first season is scheduled to run on March 17th of this year.

The show depicts how a young medical student’s (Olivia, “Liv” for short) life is turned upside down after a zombie attack at the college party she attended. After the attack, Liv emerges out of a body bag as an odd monstrosity combination of both human and zombie. The incident leaves her with a monstrous hunger for human brains, a danger to society and without motivation or drive and all the other things that make up a human soul.

Conveniently, the heroine works at a coroner’s lab where she binges on the appropriate zombie diet: brains. After consuming a human’s organs from a corpse on a cold lab table, Liv obtains the victim’s memories and helps the police department solve cases.

A zombie without a human soul but apparently has a humane conscious seems to defeat the purpose and goes against the supernatural world of IZombie’s logic. They cannot have the best of both worlds by having the heroine pretend she has no soul but later acts like she does when a scene demands it; it is confusing. She is a zombie, she is not alive or has a soul, therefore cannot have emotions or aspirations or any sensation that a human being has when alive.

By the looks of the trailer, the show will not be the next blockbuster the network needs to raise viewer ratings. The promos alone look dreadful and painful to watch with a horrible plot; a half human, half zombie solving crimes. The comedy and jokes are as enjoyable as flat soda and the wardrobe department is trying too hard by having their zombie corpse dress in an edgy fashion sense. Her craving for human flesh while having a fashionable taste in clothing doesn’t seem to mesh well, and it comes off being forced.

Although the makeup department is impressive and appears to be the only saving grace for the show. Every aspect of this show screams trying too hard and like me, even the acting. The actors’ acting in just the three minute trailers comes across as forced and painful. As if this terrible script is giving them paper cuts on their tongues as they speak their lines.

The show is completely different from the comic books and the story line has been butchered. With so many changes there is no point to have the title IZombie when it is nothing close to IZombie. Roberson’s and Allred’s original vision is an award winning winning series with a huge fan base.

IZombie the comic books are about a girl named Gwen who is a zombie gravedigger. (no stage freak zombie frenzy accident to help the changed plot along.) The only way to hold on to what’s left of her humanity is by eating brains once a month. The entire IZombie comic universe is full of thrills, magic creates and adventures, earning huge turnout out comic con with thousands of fans.

Those fans are bound to be disappointed this march when the show makes its debut and will obviously not be watching the IZombie they know and love.