Paper Towns movie poster (Courtesy of IMDB)

Paper Towns movie poster (Courtesy of IMDB)

By: Melissa Perez, staff writer

John Green is slowly becoming the next Nicholas Sparks of young adult romance movies. His first book adaption on the silver screen, The Fault In Our Stars, was a blockbuster and in less than a year his other successful book Paper Towns was picked up for a movie of its own.

The trailer for Paper Towns was released March 19 and has masses buzzing with pure excitement, trending all over social media. The trailer screams adventure, teen spirit, and rebellion all in a neat package with an uplifting Indie song playing softly. Paper Towns is a coming of age story of high school senior Quentin Jacobsen (played by Nat Wolff) hopelessly and utterly in love with his neighbor Margo Roth Spiegelman, played by supermodel Cara Delevingne.

Margo who is young, beautiful. bold and reckless is not just the stereotypical girl next door. Margo is an adrenaline junkie whose spontaneous lifestyle is just too big for the ordinary, quiet hometown. Margo and Quiention never usually interact but one night Margo shakes up Quentin’s life when she climbs into his bedroom window and invites him on a wild journey late through the quiet streets in their little paper town. After a night of vandalism and revenge on Margo’s cheating ex ,a friendship is formed.

The next day Margo pulls a vanishing act and runs away, making herself a legend and a mystery among the ordinary town. With no trace but little coded clues that Margo left behind, Quentin takes off to find her. The movie seems to be more to than a measly chick flick aimed at adolescents, but a story embodying and embracing individuality and living to the fullest.

“I thought the trailer was great.” Bergen student Sarah Brading states. “I expect the movie to be really good because John Green helped direct it himself, just as he did with The Fault in Our Stars, and that movie was just like his book. So I expect Paper Towns to be like the book as well.” Sarah added.

Although this is Delevigne’s first time acting in such a major part, in the two minutes of the trailer she portrays her character brilliantly. The acting is not forced and leading lady Cara Delevingne proves that she is more than just a pretty face. This is Nat Wolff’s second John Green movie, before just a supporting character in Green’s first movie, The Fault in our Stars. The pair have a lot to live up to, but could the pair blow The Fault in Our Stars out the water?

Paper Towns is due to be released July 24 this summer and fans can hardly wait.