By Matthew Marty, Staff Writer

“I use social media around 10 hours a day, basically all the time” Says Daniel Tejada. “I rarely use social media at all, probably once or twice a week,” says Joshua Velez. “I only check one to two times a day,” says Irvin Cruz.

NXT-TEXTINGTHEATER-2-TBThe Torch asked a couple of other students about their social media use and it seems like the average is 2-3 times a day. Social media is a way for humans to interact with each other without needing to physically see each other. We can take a peek into another person’s life without even knowing them. Social media has opened up a new way to interact with people over the past decade. Nowadays the majorities of college students have some form of social media and use it regularly.

Social media also allows us to maximize our interacting potential.”Any communication if you use it enough will help you with your interpersonal skills,” says Professor Alexander Chan  With the rise of smartphones and applications for social media, our usage of it has increased greatly. The Pew Research Center did a survey with over 2000 adults participating and found out that over 72% of these adults were social networking site users.

Other then keeping in touch with past friends and acquaintances,these sites and application  can also be used to gain connections, find new opportunities, and help you with projects. A company dedicated to helping students find employment called “looksharp” discovered that out of 50,000 of their student comprised user base, 68% of them used social media to search for internships. This shows that employers know how often we use social media and advertise post relating to employment opportunities and internships which benefit both the employer and the potential new employee.

LinkedIn is a good example of a useful social media site . It is a business oriented site used for job searches and recruitment. Many people use this site to expand their professional network and make connections. This may not seem interesting for the average freshmen but a senior who is trying to find a job in his field would find this site valuable to his job search.

Evernote is another site/app that students can definitely find useful. This app allows users to create notes which could be in the form of a picture, audio clip, photograph, or any file attachment. On the healthy side,RunKeeper is a running application that allows the user to track fitness activities like running or walking and see statistics about their workout like pace, distance and time. It also allows you to compare your best times with your Facebook friends.