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By Florencia Llosas, Staff Writer

On June 16, in one of the many Trump towers, the nomination for a new representative for the Republican Party was announced: The famous billionaire Donald Trump. Introduced by his eldest daughter, Ivanka Trump, the real estate king appeared on the podium and in front of national TV and a room full of people, gave a speech that left half the country with their mouths open.

Trump became a celebrity with his millions, but he is recognized mostly for his ‘talk first and think later’ methods- until this June, his worst and most famous slip up was made on an interview conducted in 2006 with The View, a show on ABC in which Donald and Ivanka Trump appeared together to promote The Apprentice.

When the billionaire was asked what he thought of his daughter posing nude on the cover of Playboy, he replied quickly that he believed his daughter would never do such a thing but he still felt the need to add that “She does have a very nice figure,” and then continued, “I’ve said that if Ivanka wasn’t my daughter, perhaps, I would already be dating her.” That was only followed by a “Is that terrible?” – Since then, Trump has been labeled as more of a spontaneous speaker rather than meticulous, especially when it comes to national television.

He again showed his tendency toward acting before thinking with his, now famous, presidential speech. In it, Trump not only repeated time and time again that the United States is being sunk in international debts by the futility of Obama’s office, but also commented on how he plans on “resolving” the immigration problem.

Most voters are accustomed to listening to political candidates repeating countless times how they could resolve the competition issues faster, with less money, and with more efficiency – which is why the insults to Obama’s administration did not surprise many. Nevertheless, when Trump decided to comment on the Latin American legal residents and many other Latinos who are not, but are anxiously awaiting their green cards, the man’s words were like a stab on the back.

He began talking about the national debt, saying that he, because he has a lot of money, cannot be bought with bribes of private companies. So far, everything was fine, he commented that China and Japan’s governments are very smart and that the reason why the United States owes them so much money is because our leaders are bad negotiators, not because the eastern countries that we buy from are bad. But then he reached Mexico, and Latin America-that’s when Trump announced that the Mexican government is better off economically than the US, which, in his eyes, makes Mexico and enemy to the country.

“They are not sending their best [Mexico] … They are sending people that have lots of problems with us. They are bringing drugs, they are bringing crime, they are rapists,” said Donald Trump encouraged by the applause of his followers.

But it did not end there, after that, he decided that Mexico is not the only one at fault, but that this problem is caused by people who come from all over:

“It’s coming from more than Mexico, it’s coming from all over South and Latin America and it’s probably coming, probably from the Middle East. But we do not know, because we have no protection and we have no competence, “completed Trump.

But do not worry, because the Lord Trump also shared with voters the solution to the problem: a bigger wall separating the border with Mexico.

“I would build a great wall,” said Donald Trump at the end of his speech, “I will build a great, great wall on our southern border and I will Have Mexico paying for this wall, mark my words.”

For all Latinos, Latino children, Mexicans, including any immigrant who comes to this country encouraged by the opportunities and the dream to grow and to be able to provide a better future for their children and grandchildren: remember that candidate Donald Trump concluded his presidential speech stating that the ‘American Dream’ is dead, but that he will resurrect it. Now the question is: how will this rich, privileged, middle-aged man without the wisdom that should accompany his age rebuild the dream born of off the sweat, effort and hope of young immigrants looking for a better life?

Hopefully he will start by wiping the spit residing on the corner of his mouth left from his revolutionary speech.