Tradition is what makes the holidays so enjoyable//MCTcampus

Tradition is what makes the holidays so enjoyable//MCTcampus

By Shannon Vani, Staff Writer
Well, it’s that time of the year again! With the holidays right around the corner, the excitement is at its highest peak, and New York City is probably one of the best places to this “merry” time. There is the famous, big, beautiful Christmas tree over at Rockefeller Center in Manhattan and a very popular attraction with an ice skating rink that is always packed with people. According to the New York Daily News, the tree is an 84-year-old tradition. There’s also the snowflake light show on the side of Saks Fifth Avenue right across from Rockefeller Center.
Although New York City has many magical things you can see and do, it is not the only place one can go. The holidays are a happy time to spend with friends and family. They are a time to spend by the fire place with a cup of hot chocolate feeling thankful and blessed for all those around you. Of course, every family has its own unique kinds of traditions. The Torch spoke with student Kailyn Agnello here at Bergen Community College to ask how she celebrates and prepares for the holidays.

“Well first we put up the tree and decorate. Then I and my family go have dinner together and open presents afterwards. We all just have a good time together laughing and enjoying each other’s company,” Agnello said.
The most common task around this time is shopping. What to buy, who to buy for, and where to go are the questions many struggle with during the holiday season.

One of the most popular stores around Christmas time is Macy’s. According to CNBC, Macy’s store sales rose 6.2 percent during December of 2014. Macy’s is an efficient department store filled with anything you can think of to give to those special people in your life.

However, gifts are not the only thing being shopped around for. There’s also a matter of finding the perfect tree to bring home and decorate. Some buy artificial trees, and others go out and pick out a real one. It is another one of the many things to do around the holidays.

This time of year is special to so many people because it reminds everyone about what is really important: spending time with the people you love and enjoying each other’s company.

From sledding down the slopes to enjoying a cozy, horse-drawn carriage ride through Central Park, it is all more meaningful when it is with the people you care about. So, stay safe everyone and happy holidays!