By Yomarie Llanos, Staff Writer

This innocent, pink cover hides the real content of "The Merciless"//Jessica Rodriguez

This innocent, pink cover hides the real content of “The Merciless”//Jessica Rodriguez

Forgive us, father, for we have sinned. “The Merciless” is a fictional young adult horror novel that focuses on the twisted journey main character, Sofia Flores, has with Brooklyn, Riley, Alexis, and Grace.

The 2014 novel by Danielle Vega, follows Sofia Flores, the new girl in town, as she befriends the most popular girls in school. She is taken under the wings of these girls as they show her the ropes around the school. On her first day, Sofia finds a skinned cat under the bleachers, which Riley and her girls say is Brooklyn’s doing. In the beginning, you are led to believe that Brooklyn is some sort of crazy twisted girl that should be feared. Over the course of the story, Riley, Alexis, and Grace come to a conclusion that Brooklyn must be possessed to be doing such terrible things.

This book, with its completely pink front cover and devilish star, is a pleasing read. Once you read the gold phrase on the back, “Forgive us father, for we have sinned,”it is obvious that this book will be a dark read. For those that have never read horror before, this book is an amazing introduction into it.

The book uses vivid descriptions and, at times, it can be difficult to read some of the gory scenes.The words make you want to shield your eyes. A proper reflection of the dark theme of the book and what is in store for the reader can be found in this line, “Riley takes the knife from my hands before I can stop her and slides the tip of it beneath Brooklyn’s fingernail. A phantom pain shoots through all my fingers at once. ‘How about we play a game? Either you admit your sins, or I do your nails.’”

This book has a four out of five stars on According to, especially with confirmation of a movie adaptation. “Everything movie related is pretty hush hush right now, but I can tell you that Marlene King, the genius behind “Pretty Little Liars” is hard at work on the script,” says Danielle Vega. There’s even rumor that two “Pretty Little Liars” actresses are being considered as options for one of the roles. The graphic descriptions in the book are perfect for horror fans, everyone else is warned. Regardless of the content, the book has solid writing and descriptions and is an amazing one sit and read.