Coworker’s visiting Juhi Bhatt for one last time//Henry Fowler

Coworker’s visiting Juhi Bhatt for one last time//Henry Fowler

By Gabe Wanissian, Editor-in-Chief

After five years, Juhi Bhatt, the Coordinator of Student Conduct and Student Information, will no longer be working at Bergen Community College. Effectively finishing her term at the College on February 4, Bhatt will begin working at Rutgers on February 10 as the Investigation Specialist. The position will work directly with Title IX to ensure campus safety, and similarly to her work at Bergen, will deal directly with student conduct under Rutgers Student Affairs and Compliance office.

“This is really tough saying goodbye to what has been my home for five years. This was my first professional job after graduate school. But once you get to a certain place, it’s time to consider what is your next step,” said Bhatt. “This office will continue to do amazing work without me, With [Rachel Lerner-Colucci, Dean of Student Conduct and Student Life, and Coordinator of Student Development Greg Fenkart], and the students that utilize this place. They will keep kicking butt,” she added.
Numerous students, and college employees visited Bhatt to pay their respects during a going away party on Friday January 29, which coincided with Bhatt’s birthday.

“The word bittersweet keeps coming up, because it’s a great move for her. I am so happy for her, because it was her time to move up in higher education, but we are going to miss her,” said Greg Fenkart, Coordinator of Student Development. “She made a huge impact here.”
Bhatt began her tenure at BCC on January 2011 as a graduate intern at the college.
After she finished her Masters Degree at Montclair University on May 2012, she became a part time employee. “Even though I had other job opportunities, I passed them because I was hoping Bergen would hire me full time,” said Bhatt.

That wish came into fruition on December 2012, when she was hired for a grant funded position that worked within Judicial Affairs, as well as the offices of Student Success and Student Life.
“Her presence was felt here immediately. A long timer like myself was kind of refreshed to see her enthusiasm and her work ethic. It revitalized my energy, and it’s something that we all absorbed. That will carry on within us even when she leaves,” said Fenkart. Fenkart added that searches to find a replacement will be underway soon.

“Juhi is the kind of person who you can go to at 4 p.m. and you need a letter of recommendation that is due at 5 p.m., and she will do it. She did that for me. She’s incredibly hardworking and selfless,” said student Noemie Broussoux-Coutard.
That hard working attitude inspired students such as Shamar Gill, a full time international student and employee of the college. “I am putting myself through school so it is pretty hard, but Juhi was able to help me find work with a job at student life. She is an incredible mentor,” said Gill.
“I don’t think that I’ll meet students that are as hardworking as the majority of the population of the students that go here,” said Bhatt. “I had the privilege of not working when I was in college, so I see these kids who are taking fifteen credits while working three jobs and say ‘how are you doing this!’,” she added.

Along with Student Life and Judicial Affairs, Bhatt was also a former SGA co-advisor, a case manager for the Behavioral Intervention Team, and helped student occupational output as a Career Counselor. Bhatt credits the work within Student Conduct as one of the most rewarding of them all.

“Those interactions of figuring out why the student might have done something wrong at the moment. But then down the road, I see them mature and transition into Rutgers, or Montclair or wherever they decide to get their four year degree? That is definitely not only a big highlight, but a pleasure to see,” said Bhatt.

“I hope I have the experiences that I gained here and see them at a Big Ten school like Rutgers,” said Bhatt. “But the relationships that I made here with people will always be a little extra special.”