By Florencia Llosas, Ad Manager

Due to water damage, all three elevators at the Meadowlands Bergen Community College campus were rendered out of service on Tuesday February 16th. After giving one on one attention to each case, students, faculty and staff needing help getting through the floors could use a special cart to be helped going up the stairs the very next day. As of yesterday, February 18th, the elevators are all functional. Dean Emr talked to the Torch on the day of the malfunction and assured that “we do not want this to cause a hardship for anyone.”

When the elevators stopped working on the afternoon, luckily there was no one in them. After maintenance’ inspections, it appears that the damage might have been caused by the rain, and due to the machines’ old age. Regardless, elevators remained nonfunctional for only 48 hours. After only a day, carts where made available for people who needed them, and Bergen personnel accompanied all riders that needed it.

To stop this kind of occurrence from happening, elevators are being routinely inspected by the school, and will continue to be monitored once fixed.

Since certain accidents cannot be prevented, the damaged seemed to be caused by the strong wind and rain on Tuesday was something regular control could not have prevented nor prepared for.

If any student is concerned or has individual questions, as told by the office of public safety, they should contact Dean Linda Emr at or (201) 447-7206.