There has been a wide spectrum of responses towards BCCsnaps//Genesis Fuentes

There has been a wide spectrum of responses towards BCCsnaps//Genesis Fuentes

By Lucia Rubi Godoy, Online Editor

A particular Snapchat account named BCCSnaps has become very popular with the students of Bergen Community College. This account features photos and videos taken by different students all around the school.

Although this account has been around for awhile now, it was recently that some students and faculty started being bothered by some of the stronger content featured in the account.

Some students see nothing wrong with the account, and find the content rather entertaining. “It’s just funny. I think it’s just another social media bringing the school together,” said student Mary Tyler.

Others believe that by carrying the name of the school, the account fails to properly represent it and gives it a bad reputation with its inappropriate content. Peter Zalokostas, a senator of Student Government Association, believes that he does not think the owner/manager of the account should be censored, but that maybe the account’s name should be changed to something different, or include a clarification that it’s not an official account managed by the school.

“This is not an official account of the college. The college does not authorize the actions of any social media account other than its official Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter pages,” said Larry Hlavenka, the Managing Director of the Office of Public Relations of Bergen Community College.

“It’s mostly content driven. 99 percent of the stuff on the page is absolutely repost. Because I have a jailbroken phone, people send me stuff, I save it, and then repost it,” said the owner of the account, who asked to stay anonymous.

Some of the most popular trends between the nearly 2,000 followers of the account are to send pictures of sleeping classmates, selfies, and pictures of cars for “Whip Wednesday.” Some less innocent trends include students sending videos taken while deliberately ignoring the drug and smoke free campus rules and submitting naked photos for “Titty Tuesday.” “It’s not meant to be offensive, it’s mostly content driven by whatever people are sending in the submissions. It’s simply what the people want to do,” said the owner of BCCSnaps.

One particular snap that upset several students was a picture of two random unaware girls wearing hijabs talking, with a caption that read “plotting a terrorist attack.”

“That day, I set it on auto-repost mode. With a jailbroken app, whatever people send in it automatically gets re-posted. As soon as I open my phone after class, immediately people were messaging me like ‘what’s going on?’” explained the owner of BCCSnaps. “Apparently some racist student had sent some stuff in, that did not represent me, shouldn’t be representing the school, so I immediately took that down. That was definitely a mistake, and now I never use auto-repost mode. There’s a lot of work that goes behind it to filter out all this content,” he explained.

The administrator of BCCSnaps expressed he has a desire to encourage people to get involved, besides simply entertaining them.

“I’m probably gonna do the same than the guy before me, and pass it on,” he said when asked what he would do with the account when the moment to move on arrives.

The existence of this account was brought to the attention of the department of Public Relations before, which means it has been investigated by the school.

Although the school does not endorse the account, and the content has not been approved by the college, the content depicted continues to be real material sent in by students.