Bergen Community Student composer// David Cabassa

Bergen Community Student composer// David Cabassa

By James O. Diaz, Staff Writer

It has been said that the artist must suffer for the art and that is why it is called “Pain”-ting. The same can be said about music. David Cabassa, a Bergen Community College student, has recently released an Extended Play, a recording that is longer than a single, but shorter than an Album or LP, usually consisting of three to five songs. His EP, ‘This Art Hurt Me’ captures melancholy themes such as goodbyes, loneliness, and breakups.

In his fourth song, “Farewell Friend,” he uses his Indie/Shoegaze guitar style with Singer-Songwriter style of singing. He also uses many early 90s Emo influences in the EP. Taking a total duration of eight months to complete, Cabassa wrote the music, recorded it in studio basement, mixed, mastered and produced the EP.

Attempting to have his work remain in its true to its authenticity, Cabassa worked on it own his own. That approach itself is something that is unique, and stands out in today’s modern music.  Very few musicians take this approach, and many describe this path as being stressful and emotionally tiring. Prior to recording, Cabassa spent much of his time writing the music. working with a schedule, Cabassa spent three months solely on recording, two months on mixing and mastering the songs and the rest of the duration on writing.

Despite using the standard recording software Garageband, Cabassa is still able to convey the feeling of loneliness and melancholy. Cabassa regarded the finishing of the EP was as satisfying as an artist finishing a painting.

The EP is composed of the tracks, “She was Found Under the Pepper Tree”, “I Feel Fine Again” (and thank you for the memories), “Guilt Trip” and “Farewell Friend.”

Cabassa has described how his music classes at BCC have benefitted him as a musician. From learning about how notes and intervals work, to lessons on organ and piano, he applies what he has learned into his music. Cabassa is currently enrolled in “Class Piano” sight reading classes which he used in writing “This Art Hurt Me”.

When examining Cabassa’s style, one can notice his background in both music style and lyrical prose.  He uses mathematical and shoegaze guitar style because of the frequent use of guitar pedals .

Cabassa makes a powerful ending with track 4, “Farewell Friend”. Sampling excerpts of the television show “Arthur,” he creates the disconnection felt upon losing a friend, saying the song is about a friend you no longer have connections with.

When asked how he writes his music, Cabassa responded, “I was messing around with different riffs and trying different lyrics. A musician can be inspired by anything, and it’s what hits you at the moment. Anything can impact you, and I just wanted to capture that feeling”.

You can hear and buy the EP here:

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