Bergen WiFi issues upset both students and faculty//Jessica Rodriguez

Bergen WiFi issues upset both students and faculty//Jessica Rodriguez

By John Calixte, Staff Writer

Problems with the Wi-Fi connection on campus has left many students upset with the inconsistent internet access. According to first year student Justin Jusino, who is an Accounting major, he doesn’t think the Wi-Fi issue will ever be resolved. “No I don’t think the Wi-Fi will get better, because the school doesn’t think it’s necessary.” Issues with the It Department isn’t an issue that only students face, professors go through too. Long-tenured professor, Robert Comerford, who teaches Economics feels that all classrooms should be receiving the same luxuries when it comes to utilities. Prof. Comerford says, “The computers could be faster and they could certainly upgrade the smart classrooms, and we could use more of them too”. All the classrooms should be equipped, not just a couple.”

Kim Ritchie, the Help Desk Manager of the Information Technology Services, along with the help of her colleagues, have emplaced a new secure wireless network this past June. Instantly the Wi-Fi appeared to be a major improvement from the way it was during the 2014-15 school year. According to Larry Hlavenka Jr.,who is the Managing Director of the office of Public Relations of Bergen Community College, the IT Department has taken big steps to improve our Internet access.

“There’s been a lot of transition there for the past few years, a few new directors and a lot of good changes,” saud Hlavenka.

Students at Bergen just might be a bit spoiled with the Wi-Fi they tend to forget that although it isn’t the best, we still have the luxury of going on any website without any hassles. “Some schools they’ll block social media or they’ll block Netflix, we don’t do any of that we don’t restrict access and we allow you to access Wi-Fi to five devices,”said Hlavenka. Better Wi-Fi on campus would mean unlimited bandwidths and according to Hlavenka, “It’s just not a possibility.” No matter how impatient the students are, they will have to continue waiting, as modifying the Wi-Fi won’t happen overnight. “Its an evolution; it’s a process that doesn’t stop. The college is ahead of the curb on a lot of things, but there’s other things that we need to make improvements on, that not just at Bergen, that all colleges go through it,” said Hlavenka.