BCC//photo courtesy of Rebecca Karpinski

By: Andrea Ruiz, Contributing Writer.

Many years ago students and parents thought that community college wasn’t the best choice to be studying and earning an associate’s degree. We are now in 2017 and about 41% percent of undergraduate students attend community colleges. Think about the benefits of applying to a community college.

Going to a community college before achieving your bachelor’s degree at an expensive four year college/university will save you at least half of that money.

Throughout the two years of the community college, tuition, fees and financial aid will save students at least half of the money or even more when attending a community college. Not only does community college offer financial aid, but a payment plan as well.

Payment plans help students pay every three months, while they are attending school. These opportunities help students financially as well as being able to save and not having to deal with debt.

In order to graduate you have to complete the requirements that are based on your program evaluation. What’s very good about community college is that when you receive ypur degree, you’ll be able to transfer it.

Students should earn as much as they can. As a student at Bergen, it is important to take as many classes as you can, in order to receive all the credits that you need to graduate.

Just know when transferring and having all the credits that are required, you can put to your mind that those are the classes that you need for your major. It will make the process much faster.

Students don’t know what they want to study after they finish high school. Community college can help  show you what you’ll want to partake in.

Anything that you’ll be interested in and would want that to be your major is when you think before, “ is what you want to major in?” Something that I’ll be doing for the rest of my life.

Bergen has a wide variety of programs that you may be  interested in. As mentioned before about saving money, you’ll be saving more with the classes and still earn credits.

Not having the perfect grades in high school is okay. The greatest benefit of going to a community college is that they accept your grades.

Going to a community college can help boost up your GPA. Many students from Bergen have had low GPA’s and with boosting up their GPA, they have been accepted to NYU, Columbia and Harvard.