BCC Soccer//photo courtesy of BCC

By: Christopher Molina, Sports Editor.

With the soccer season now here, many new tactics will be new used on the field in order to improve the team as the season progresses.

Coach Vivino, the new head coach at BCC, was hired in March after years of playing and coaching the game at a very young age.

“It’s the game that I love [and] it’s the game that I grew up playing,” said Coach Vivino.

After many years spent in the high school and college level, he’s ready to move the program here at Bergen forward. Of course he’s not alone; many of his players, despite having little experience in the college level soccer, are working hard each and every day to make each other and team better.

“It’s really cool, the girls are really nice [and] we all get along very well,” said freshman Erica Ford.

Of course, with a new coach comes playing in a new environment, one that the players have touched on since the beginning.

They really understood, it’s a big change, and I understood that from the get-go. However things worked last year won’t be my style,” said Coach Vivino.

He stresses to his players the demand of being on a soccer team at BCC and how it will be benefiting in the near future.

“It’s not going to be a very casual style; we want to make sure that deadlines are met and workouts are attended [and] practices [that] we’re working hard.”

But this season is not without its challenges, “it’s tough because of the numbers. We don’t have a deep roster [and]  we have players that may not have the most experience but their hard working players, so that’s a start but hard work will carry you so far in soccer,” said Vivino.

Despite that, Vivino stressed that he will work hard in recruiting and working with the players in an attempt move the program forward.