Age Diversity//photo courtesy US Army Photo

By: Lizbeth, Contributing Writer

When you hear the word “diversity,” the first thing that comes to your mind is race, but people tend to forget that diversity includes different races, colors and ages. At Bergen Community College, diversity ranges in numbers with our students.

The least common type of diversity that people tend to pay close attention involves the age diversity amongst students on campus. We have many people every year that register for the semester again after twenty years or more of taking a break from their studies.

There are students that have long had families established and have already purchased their first home or their first car, but have felt that something was incomplete without their studies.

A thirty-nine-year-old Bergen Community College student by the name of Johany Kaplan first came to this country in 1990, but she did not know English.

A few years later, she graduated from Hudson Community College with an associates in Public Administration, but lost touch with her studies when she was offered a job at a bank that would challenge her mother tongue.

As time passed, Johany married and started a family. She had a schedule that would make it difficult to go back to school, but after fifteen years, Johany has finally decided to enroll into school to be better in English and to get her degree in social work.

Johany said, “I was missing something in my life, and that’s exactly what I was missing because I have the family, I have the house, but I didn’t have my studies.”

During fall of 2017,  Johany, along with many students like her, are hoping to meet their expectations this year to improve and remind them that an education not only serves as a tool for making money, but, for many,  it’s a fulfillment in their everyday lives.