Youth Portrait Campus Beauty//photo courtesy of MaxPixel

By: Carl Phillip, Contributing Writer

The fall semester has officially started, which means the classrooms and hallways are full of different kinds of trends and fashion.

The various types of appearances – comfy, casual, business and trendy – are all seen, from dad’s hats to business suits. Sweatpants and a T-shirt is one way of approaching the day, in contrast to a dress and heels for women.

There are many things that were introduced in 2017, including fashion and clothing brands. Technology and internet made social expression more accessible. Today in society, there are various new clothing brands and other small business designers that sell their own makeup and upcoming brands.

The first day of school usually marks the annual “dress-to-impress” outfits. Some outfit choices are more laid-back due to their fashion choice during the fall semester.

Music, entertainment and fashion is emerging in the same path market-wise. Kanye West’s creative director, Virgil Abloh, and rap and fashion collective A$AP Mob’s A$AP Bari both have spanned the upcoming generations to be more fashion forward and create their own unique brands.

This has spilled into this “dad hat” era where all you need is an embroidery sewing machine. Students are here for their education and their style speaks to the masses with comfort, style and their voice to the world.

For many, fashion is their voice and outlet, and it doesn’t hurt the fact that you can make an impression on the people.

In current trends and entertainment, the famous rapper Drake has collaborated with NBA legend Michael Jordan’s own brand, creating Jordan sneakers bearing his own brand logo. This was an achievement based on how vital to the sport and entertainment industry Michael Jordan has been.

If fashion was to capture this moment in time, you would have entertainers building their brands and sharing ideas that involve collaborating and shaping the culture for decades to come. With that being said, what currently walks through our school classrooms are a reflection of today’s society thinkers and innovators.