RuPaul’s DragCon//photos courtesy of Rebecca Karpinski

By: Rebecca Karpinski, Photo Editor.

If drag is your religion, then RuPaul’s Drag Con is the pilgrimage you need to take. Held at the NYC Jacob Javits Center on September 9-10, RPDC came to NYC for the very first time.

Regular tickets for the whole weekend were $50, and the VIP package was $100 extra. That VIP badge got you into the convention a half an hour before standard ticket holders on Saturday and Sunday, to the front of a lot of queens’ booths, the front of all panel lines and into Ru’s keynote speech first.

One of the downfalls to this event was that you have stand in line for a LONG time. One of the things people love most about drag is the huge, amazingly diverse group of people it brings together to celebrate it.

But sometimes you forget that not only would most of those people be at the convention, they would be gagging to meet exactly the same queens that you do!

The most popular queens like Sasha Velour, Trixie Mattel and most of the recent Season 9 queens, had the longest lines – some people stood there for over three hours. You quickly need to make decisions about what’s important – do I need to tell Alexis Michele that her final runway look was sickening, or is Todrick Hall’s panel something I absolutely cannot miss?

Once you get to the front of the line, almost all the queens have a rule that you must buy a piece of merch from their booth before you meet them. You might start the day strong, but once you’re there, suddenly you’ll find yourself unable to imagine life without a Sasha Velour t-shirt or an Alexis Michelle’s Subwayfish snapback.

Meeting RuPaul is obviously one of the biggest draws to the convention. To meet Mama Ru herself you have two options – autograph ($45) or photo op ($60, but you can have two people in the photo so grab a friend and split the cost!). There were two allocated times for autographs and two for photos per day.

The entire weekend was full of love and acceptance. So many hearts were so incredibly full, not only from meeting respected people doing what they do best, admire and love, but from being able to spend time in an environment where fear didn’t exist.

The feeling of being able to say, do and wear anything you wanted was unbelievably elevating – we were all accepted, all supported and all loved.