Club Day//photo courtesy of Rebecca Karpinski

By: Kemrick Petree, Contributing Writer.

The student center was roaring with excitement as Bergen Community College kicked off its first club day of the year. While going around different stations, there were relatively a greater number of people who attended club day  this year than the last two years. The first club got a chance to stop and meet with was the Theater Club and the Filipino club. When asked “What is theater club and who can join?” Theater Club president Wally Villanueva Jr. quickly stated that “Theater club basically is a place for anyone who likes theater or has previously taken part in their theater club at a previous school”. The theater club also encourages its members to go out and take it seriously. For that lucky student, the club provides acting exercises and games that will improve themselves. Students will then feel more comfortable from the games and exercises. When asked about what changes they would like to see to the club, instantly the answer I was expecting popped out. “Definitely we would like some more people. Last year we had a big amount of people, but as the months went on they started decreasing”. The Filipino club had a more outgoing approach by playing music and really conversing with other students to persuade them. When asked “what goes on in the Club?” The president said, “We try to promote Filipino culture to those who are Filipino or not. We also want to spread our culture more.” Not only do they have a strong connection together at Bergen. They also have made good connections with schools, but they are looking forward to make better connections with the internal clubs here at Bergen. Club Day set up good opportunities for students who are new or just want to get out there more while they attend Bergen, which seemed to go well.