Hurricane Harvey//photo courtesy of Google Images

By: Purnasree Saha, Features Editor.

In Houston, TX, severe flooding and winds caused billions of dollars in damage to property, and took the lives of over seventy American citizens. The severe flooding and high winds were caused by Hurricane Harvey.

Homes and furnishings, vehicles, commercial real estate and public infrastructure were damaged from the severe flooding. Most people had to travel by boats, considering the water level had risen past street signs.The state mandated that people move to shelters in expectation of flooding. The hurricane dumped about 27 trillion gallons of water onto Houston with 53 inches of rainfall.

In many areas, trace amounts of lead were found in the floodwaters. Most people in the emergency rooms were affected by cellulitis, an infection from contaminated water that results in red and irritated skin.

Around the first week of September, after Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, the inclement weather spread throughout other regions of the US.

Hurricane Irma followed in the east, and next to Irma was Hurricane Jose, which was swirling around the Atlantic and threatened some parts of the Caribbean because the winds were almost reaching  150 mph. Hurricane Jose was moving to the west and has weakened as it moved near the shore.

Irma struck Florida on September 9th and 10th and caused power outages to several homes in the state. Irma also caused massive damage throughout the Caribbean Islands. There were about more than 30 people who died in the Caribbean Islands.

The wind, rain  and storm surge were catastrophic in Florida, especially in Jacksonville. The storm resulted in severe damage to roofs, houses, windows , power lines, cars,and fallen trees.

When the power went out in Florida, most people were sweltering without air conditioning and many suffered from heat rashes and other heat related disorders. Immediately after the storm,  about 99% of people had no electricity and by September 15th, 76% remained without power.

In some parts where there was flooding in Florida, it is believed that cleanup will take weeks and recovery will take months.

President Donald Trump came by to investigate the damage and met up with the storm victims and wanted to receive updates about recovery from local and state authorities. Melania Trump and Vice President Mike Pence also came and set up a tent where they gave out food to the storm victims in Naples, Florida.

According to Florida Power & Light Co., “People who are remaining on the west coast will have power restored by September 22nd due to the landfall that Irma made.”

People who were staying on the east coast were able to get back electricity a week before because there were only a few poles that fell down. It wasn’t only power that was lost from Hurricane Harvey, there were roads that were flooded and piled with debris and neighborhoods that were blocked off.

Georgia also had an effect from Irma because on September 14th, 2017, there were about more than 125,000 homes and businesses that lost electricity.

 It is likely that as climate change accelerates, extreme weather conditions are likely to be on the rise.