Kaye//photo courtesy Larry Hlavenka

By: Leshay Jones, Editor in Chief.

On June 27, the Board of Trustees held a meeting in which they voted to fire President B. Kaye Walter. The reasoning behind her termination is unclear seeing as there was “no cause”, according to the Board.

Walter, who has served as the head of the college since 2012, said that she was “surprised” when she found out that her contract was in danger. The board voted to buy out Walter’s contract, paying her 12 months of salary at around $225,000.

“The board thanks Dr. Walter for all of her service to the college. We will begin the search for a new president immediately,” said chairwoman of the board of trustees, Carol Otis, in a prepared statement.

When Walter’s contract was last renewed in May 2014, the board received a lot of backlash from faculty members who did not agree with her style of management. Due to this, the union representatives of the faculty passed a no-confidence vote against Walter.

According to Faculty Senate chairman, Dr. Alan Kaufman, a contract with the faculty union had been settled amicably and fairly.

The board appointed Dr. Michael Redmond, a former administrator and philosophy and religion professor who has worked at the college since 1981, as the new interim president.

The board has full confidence that Dr. Redmond and the current administrators will push Bergen forward and beyond.

“We are entering an age of transition, and we will preserve what is and what always has been good about the college. To do that, we must work in tandem and in concord,” Otis said.

After Walter’s termination, Redmond was put right to work and one of his first orders of business was placing a sign over the speaker button, where one had to request admittance through the adjacent one-way-glass door, that says “Please come in.”

Over the past few months, some notable changes have been made under Redmond’s administration; such as the new Bergen website splash page that is designed to make the navigation of the website easier for students.

The board is on the lookout for a new president that will help Bergen Community College continue to soar. In the meantime, Dr. Redmond must help lead the college towards greatness.