No smoking//photo courtesy of Pixabay

By: Danita Ruiz, Contributing Writer.

Hello, fellow Bergen Community College smokers, I’d like to talk about the “smoking ban” that has no purpose to us smokers.

BCC banned smoking on campus about two years ago, and personally, I think it’s ridiculous. We all know that once you get out of class, you’re going to grab a lighter and smoke away, not thinking twice about the smoking policy.

When BCC made the decision to have a smoke free campus, the administrators were only considering the non-smoking students and staff, not us who smoke. Instead, they should have implemented smoking areas, so that we can smoke our bogeys and non-smokers are not affected.

Having a smoking policy doesn’t really make a difference because I know that at the end of the day, if I want a cigarette, I’m going to smoke one without a care in the world about what anyone else thinks.

I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. If you’re a student or staff member at BCC that does not smoke, I understand your concern about your health. Nonetheless, if you see someone smoking on campus, are you really going to say something to them, or are you just going to walk the other way?

There’s no point in getting upset about your health because if smoking really bothers you, then you would just walk the other way. We smokers know the consequences of smoking, but we don’t care.

Therefore, next time you get upset about being near someone smoking, remember that it is an addiction, and if you don’t want to be near it, then simply stay away from it and move on with your day.