photo courtesy // Adriana Caraballo

By: Farah Alhablawi, Contributing Writer.

Raising $505,050 in donations seems like a daunting and even a touch infeasible task, but for those who participated, it’s as easy as apple pie.

With almost $100,000 already donated to Bergen’s Fifty for 50 campaign, the goal seems closer than ever. The campaign started as “a representation of the institute’s 50 year tradition of excellence,” said Larry Hlavenka, Executive Director of Public Relations.“It encourages the members of our Bergen community to leave a lasting legacy of support for students.”

The campaign and all its donations will provide students scholarships and educational support for their time in Bergen Community College.

It is crucial for many Bergen students who could not afford paying the cost of education by themselves.  

“Scholarships are increasingly critical lifelines for community college students – 50 percent report financial issues could cause them to leave the institution,” Hlavenka said

The campaign started in mid-October 2017 and will continue until the biggest day of the academic year: commencement 2018.

The goal is expected to be fully reached by then. Although the scholarships and financial aid for students are the main goal of the campaign, it is not the only one. All who donate can give their name and a wall will be built in their honor and contribution.

“The wall will represent a reflection of our Bergen community generosity – a lasting reminder of the individuals who supported the campaign,” Hlavenka said.

The donations the campaign receives will not pay for the wall, however. Those overseeing the project are still receiving quotes on its cost.

The funds for the wall will be from a separate source. The wall will be a committed piece of history that will not only serve as a commemoration to kindness, but will also be affordable.

As for how it will look, those overseeing are discussing design ideas with vendors this spring.

The wall will be located in the Student Center, it will help create a brighter future of many students looking to enter higher education.