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By: Jelson Montero, Contributing Writer.

Every semester incoming students sign up for Success 101 and it seems that every semester the complaints grow.

The Success 101 class is a course required of students who are placed in remedial level mathematics or remedial level writing courses.The purpose of this course is to help incoming students prepare for what will be expected from them at the college level and how they can use special skills to prepare for test, homework, projects, etc. Success 101 also focuses on how each student should define success and how they can gain success.

The course, however, was in uncertain status because the Faculty Senate had not made a decision on whether it should be a permanent requirement for students, meaning the course was in pilot status.

William Mullaney, the Vice President of Academic Affairs, said, “ The course is no longer in pilot status because the faculty senate recommended it be required for certain students.” The recommendation was signed by the President of the college, ending the pilot status for the course.

According to professor Iris Bucchino who currently teaches Success 101 “First year experience ( FYE ) courses are considered high impact and are student-centered. Over 90 percent of colleges and universities across the nation offer some version of the FYE course.”

Success 101 is considered to be an impactful course in the eyes of the administration with the research that backs it up.

In fact Bucchino also said, “Educational research suggests FYE courses are high impact, which increases the rate of student retention and engagement.”

First year students tend to agree with these statistics however students feel that the effectiveness of the class fades with time.

   Mariah Calvano who is in her first semester here at Bergen Community College said, “ I’m excited about the class. It should be helpful.”

New students and administrators seem to feel that success 101 has a helpful impact during college, however students who have completed the course had different opinions.

Yefry Ramirez has completed five semesters at BCC. Ramirez who was placed in Success 101 said “Every class seems to focus on finding what success means to each individual and tips to improve academically, and although the concept is good having to learn the same things over and over again is not interesting at all. After a while the course just seems time consuming.”

Not only does this make students uneasy but it makes them lose interest. It becomes harder for students to find the motivation for coming to class.

Erimir Vargas who is in his third semester at BCC, took Success 101 said, “At first the class helped me out because I was new here and didn’t really know much about college, but after a while it just became boring. We were learning the same things over and over again. We did projects and other things but they were all focused on the same old topics.”

The class becomes time consuming for college students this can be harmful to them. Students who take this course are essentially losing a chance to take an extra elective. Instead of choosing a class that interest a student they are forced to attend Success 101 which doesn’t add much value or interest.

Vargas said, “Having a class that has such little benefits for students and solely takes up their time does not seem fair.”

Students who take remedial level courses are already at a disadvantage because of the fact they have to pay for these extra courses and gain zero credits for them.

BCC seems to be at a divide between the feelings towards Success 101 from administration point of view and a student point of view.