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By: Yoo Ra Kim, Features Editor.

Fifty Shades Freed was incredibly predictable and hilariously overdone in terms of the sex scenes.

I tried to view the film with an open mind, seeing as I already watched the first film and half of the second one.

The Fifty Shades of Grey series is known for its overtly sexual and BDSM-themed plotline. I knew I was about to witness a ton of cliche scenes when the movie started off at Ana and Christian’s wedding.

Before I begin to dissect the film, let me enlighten those of you who may not be familiar with the Fifty Shades movies.

They are essentially about a young, brooding billionaire named Christian Grey with a traumatic past. He meets a woman named Anastasia Steele (Ana for short) who is the definition of docile and shy.

Their fates intertwine when Ana has to go interview Christian in the place of her close friend. Once Ana meets Christian, her life takes a kinky turn when she realizes that the man she is fond of actively partakes in the BDSM lifestyle.

BDSM stands for bondage, discipline (or domination), sadism and masochism. From there, the pair’s unusual and unrealistic romance takes off.

The first scene at Ana and Christian’s wedding was sweet, but presents the viewer with nothing new. Ana is wearing a typical white gown, Christian is wearing a regular suit, and the two exchange vows as if they are a normal couple. However, as the film goes on, they prove to be anything but.

The main appeal of watching an erotic film such as Fifty Shades Freed are obviously the dramatic sex scenes. Let’s not kid ourselves. That’s why people line up at the theater and pay money to go see these kinds of things.

There is a particular scene where Ana and Christian are racing through the streets of Seattle because it is revealed that the couple is being followed by an unknown person.

When Ana finally manages to dodge the stalker, she parks in a random parking lot with her husband sitting in the passenger seat.

She proceeds to go over to the passenger side and let’s just say things got hot and heavy in the most uncanny manner.

Maybe it’s the fact that they had a near-death experience that made them so worked up, who knows. Either way, this movie confirmed that just about anything can get Ana and Christian in the mood. Even a high-speed car chase in the middle of the day.

There was another scene where Christian takes Ana and a few others to his house in Aspen. They go for a short vacation and, from a cinematic viewpoint, to provide a different locale.

During the Aspen trip, Ana finds that she cannot sleep at night so she finds comfort in a pint of ice cream.

Christian just so happens to stroll into the kitchen without a shirt on. Cue the eye roll. Although, I will compliment Jamie Dornan for his exceptional figure. His toned back muscles and rippling torso are on display for a substantial portion of the film, which I have no qualms about.

The scene starts off innocently enough, with Ana teasing her husband with spoonfuls of ice cream. Then things start escalating fast, ice cream going in places where ice cream isn’t intended to go.

They ultimately end up going full throttle on the kitchen table, and this scene might make you lose your sweet tooth for a while.

The movie didn’t strictly focus on sex, there is also some action involved. Ana’s former boss, Jack Hyde, is out on bail and is back for revenge.

He takes Christian’s sister as hostage so that Ana will show up without backup. Without giving away the ending, there is an intense showdown at the end of the film that only bolsters the couple’s love for each other.

If you’re looking for something that will make you laugh and cringe all at the same time, then Fifty Shades Freed is the movie for you.

Jamie Dornan’s unchanging stoic expression and Dakota Johnson’s poor acting skills definitely make the movie-watching experience less enjoyable but if you don’t want to watch something too serious, I would recommend this film.