Students kick off their fall semester BCC by getting involved on campus //Office of Student Life

By: Michelle Coneo, Contributing Writer

On Thursday, September 7, the facilities of our student center were filled with tables, students, sweets and welcoming smiles. At the beginning of every semester, this event, known as Club Day, is carried on as the open door for those incoming students to find others with similar interests.

In fact, the beauty of it lies in the diversity of our community, which leaves more than one option — or in this case, clubs, available to choose to every student at our campus, ranging from ethnicities to passions like theater, chess, and poetry.

For instance, clubs like D.I.V.A (Determined Intelligent Valuable Accountable girl) Club empower and serve the purpose to inform students about social issues that our society is witnessing today, such as body shaming, as stated by Ashley Acosta, a member of this sisterhood. She added some details on the importance of the club’s “Pixie Project,” in which they collect feminine hygiene products and send them to an organization with the objective of supporting other girls outside of campus.

 Similarly, S.I. (Summer Intensive Program) and S.O.L (Society Of Leaders) Club were created with the intention to “support and inspire students, offering them many opportunities of volunteering hours and counseling”, said Janelle Ortiz, member of said clubs.

There are also clubs with the goal of helping students make new friends and meet new people through activities they enjoy. For instance, writing poetry or basically sharing “any piece of writing,” according to Kaiden Cilento and Felice Sacco, active members of “Bards and Scribes,” a judgment-free zone where everyone is welcome to watch their literature and art become part of something beyond their imagination.

There is no doubt that the life of a college student is abundant in overwhelming workloads, but having like-minded people around, doing what you like while building up your academic/personal resume is no longer a luxury, but the necessity of living an authentic college experience here at BCC.