Eminem performs for his “stans” // Wikimedia Commons

Byline: Robert C. McDermott, Ad Manager.

Popular rapper Eminem hoped to revive what many of his fans have been asking for with the surprise release of his new album, “Kamikaze.” Ever since his overtly political LP “Revival,” many fans and critics have been relentless on the 45-year-old rapper from Detroit. The album was released on Aug. 31, 2018 in a tweet that contained a link to purchase the album followed by a message.

“Tried not 2 overthink this 1…enjoy,” he wrote.

In the same week  “Kamikaze” dropped,  Eminem earned his ninth no. 1 album on The Billboard 200 chart. Fans were excited for the revival of the former rapping provocateur, turned meme after Eminem dropping a weak and self hating “Revival” LP.

The album is just what the fans were eager for, the same old attacking no shame Slim Shady. He did not hold back and made it clear that he isn’t going to be sitting in the corner or letting down his fans, or “stans” as they are called.

In “Kamikaze” Eminem calls out his rivals and critics even though it is essentially a suicide mission, hence the title.

“You got some views, but you’re still below me

Mine are higher, so when you compare our views, you get overlooked

And I don’t say the hook unless I wrote the hook..” he said.

Many fans and critics jumped on Twitter, as they believed Eminem was referring to Drake’s album “Views,” essentially dissing him by claiming Drake doesn’t write his own hooks. Others say this was a shot taken at Kanye West’s political “views.”

By far the most popular song on the album, “Lucky You,” features rapper Joyner Lucas as they viciously attack popular “mumble rappers” with rapid-fire lyricism. A specific rapper targeted by Eminem is selfacclaimed “Harvard graduate,” Lil Pump. Not only was he dissed along with other rappers who are hard to understand, but Pump also received more shots in “The Ringer,” off of the new album.

“…chicken wang, MGK, Igg’ Azae’

Lil Pump, Lil Xan imitate Lil Wayne

I should aim at everybody in the game, pick a name…”

This line was read by Eminem, but with Lil Pump’s flow and his style of deliverance. It also mocked other famous rappers Iggy Azalea, Lil Xan and Machine Gun Kelly.

The whole album is basically one big roast of every rapper and critic that Eminem doesn’t like. MGK or Machine Gun Kelly was targeted again in “Not Alike” when Eminem called him out for not being a real “gangsta” and claimed that he isn’t smart enough to handle his bars.

MGK has responded with a diss titled “Rap Devil,” since Eminem is commonly known as the “Rap God,” a song he previously made. The disses got very personal and while one could admire the guts it takes to diss one of the best rappers alive, Eminem already has a response in the works. Kamikaze is a well thought out album in which  Eminem finally called out most of his haters and the ever so popular “mumble rappers.”