Peruvian Governmental Palace // Dennis Jarvis

By: Kaylee Alzamora, Staff Writer.

Can you imagine living in a country where big-name politicians are removed from power for being in crazy corruption scandals? Sadly, that’s the situation in Peru.

Even though Peru is a hot spot for tourists around the world, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have issues of their own. When you go there for tourism, you don’t get to see the in-and-outs of what’s really happening, but to someone who spends her summers there every year, I can say it isn’t going well.

Just like in the U.S., there was recently a big scandal with the president in Peru. The president that started the last presidential election year had resigned from office not long after being assigned to it.

It’s crazy since you don’t normally hear about presidential resignations all that often. In this case, President Kuczynski resigned because he had to make a choice between either resigning or being kicked out. However, due to his own pride, he left before others had a chance to kick him out.

President Kuczynski resigned due to public scrutiny as more things came out about him. In December 2017, he released Alberto Fujimori, one of Peru’s ex-presidents who was jailed in 2009 for vote rigging and other corruptive things. According to Ernesto Diaz, a police force general, this was all a complot between Fujimori and President Kuczynski. It was a deal made to help each other out, but it led to President Kuczynski being under the eyes of everyone.  Furthermore, more information came out about him lying about his ties with Odebrecht, a Brazilian company that would bribe Peruvian politicians.

Because of all this and more, he had to resign. Sadly, this isn’t anything new in Peru. He is just another name in a continuously growing long list of corrupt presidents that Peru has had who abuse the country they promise to improve.

Peru will remain the same if no one does anything to fix its problems. It’s not just the presidents, however. Judges, congressmen, and the system as a whole is messed up. People that have killed family members, significant others, and loved ones get released within the first week by waving a bill in the judge’s face. How is that considered OK for innocent people are grieving the losses of others near and dear while criminals walk the streets freely because they paid their ways out. However, there are many cases where Peruvian politicians also pay their ways out of trouble with hush money.

The sad thing about all this is that while everyone knows what’s going on, no one is strong enough to do anything about these problems. Since the resign of our last president, Vice President Martin Viscara has taken charge.

He, like many others before him, made promises to make change in Peru and to help it become a better country. In the names of all Peruvians, we really hope that he is change that we have been looking for.