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By: Jelson Montero, Sports Editor.

As September creeps in, the beautiful sound of football arrives. Predicting winners and losers is never an easy task. However, it would seem wrong to not have the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots as Super Bowl favorites.

Despite not having Carson Wentz and a slow preseason, the Eagles don’t have many weakness. Their defensive and offensive line remain very strong heading into the year. ┬áThe NFC East is an interesting division as the Eagles will have to go through the Cowboys and Giants who have a chance to improve from a year ago. Not having Dez Bryant could actually improve the clubhouse chemistry for the Cowboys, and having a full year or Elliot will be a huge boost for Dak.

As for the Giants, this will be an interesting year for Manning. With Odell Beckham Jr. returning and having a huge contract extension, Manning will have his favorite target back in action. Barkley is another addition to this talented roster, which means the Giants are set to make some noise.

Although the 49ers have taken huge steps forward, the NFC West will be a runaway division for the Rams. The Rams have arguably the best roster in the league, and should contend for a Super Bowl.

The NFC North is a battle of two between the Vikings and Packers. The Vikings have upgraded at the quarterback position by signing Cousins this offseason. As for the Packers, they will always have a chance, considering the fact that they have Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers recently signed a record breaking deal with Green Bay set to make the most guaranteed money in NFL history.

The NFC South is by far the best division in football. The Saints, Falcons, and Panthers all held a playoff spot a year ago, and it looks like it will happen once more.

As far as the AFC goes, the Patriots will remain the king of the hill despite losing Danny Amendola and having Julian Edelman suspended to start the year. As long as Brady and Belichick are together the Patriots should have no problem running the table.

The rest of the AFC is made up of three elite teams such as the Steelers, Jaguars, and Chargers. The rest of the AFC is compiled of mediocre teams battling for wild card spots. Unlike the NFC, this conference lacks depth.