By: Matthew Charles Friedberg
Staff Writer


Ever wonder why people are looking more and more like candy canes these days?  This style is referred to as color blocking and it is a fashion that’s ridiculously in!  Ever wonder how to do it?  Here are some simple basics to color blocking.

Color blocking is achieved by taking two or more blocks of color from an ensemble so that the colors match up on another part of the outfit. Color blocking is not just for clothing and can be used with shoes, dresses, handbags and all other pieces of attire.

 Colors generally don’t matter. Some prefer light preppy colors like orange, green and red, while others opt for darker more subtle colors such as black, grey and white.

For women and men, color blocking can also conceal ‘heavier parts’ of the body.  Everyone knows the most slimming color is black  However, what if that black shirt now had orange around it with yellow shoes and a yellow hat?  The attention would not be on the stomach anymore!

This affect can also be used for any part of the body. Just remember: use dark colors where parts are being concealed, avoid horizontal stripes and use brighter contrasting colors around the black to draw the viewers attention away from that area.

One important thing to note before the color blocking begins is that bright colors are great, but they can also change a ‘runway outfit’ into a ‘what is she wearing?’ outfit with a few wrong choices. Stick with the simple colors at first, then experiment as the trend progresses. Always remember that it is only a trend, so it will not last forever.  Do not blow a thousand dollars on one outfit that could be out by next summer.