By: Jesse Kurtz
Contirbuting Writer


Twenty year-old Yojaira Orozco, co-captain of the Bergen Bulldogs women’s basketball team, is a team player that deserves to be recognized.

Yojaira’s father helped fuel her interest in sports starting in the sixth grade.

When asked why she chose basketball, she responded, “Because I didn’t make the cheerleading team.”

Throughout high school Orozco was also a part of the cross country and track teams, where she was not only on the varsity team of all three, but captain of them as well.

Now, being in college, Orozco has taken all that she learned with her. She is currently small forward for the  women’s basketball team.  As co-captain, Orozco keeps the spotlight on her teammates, saying, “I am proud of my team.”

After practicing hard for days, team member Tia Cangialosia had made a half court shot, impressing not only the rest of her team but Orozco as well.  Although she feels her team could always do better, especially when they come together, she is very proud.

In order for the Bulldogs to make the National Tournament, they need to have a record of at least .500 in either their league play or within their overall standings.  This accomplishment would have  special meaning to the team and Orozco believes they are more than capable of achieving this goal.

When asked why is being a part of sports and the basketball team important to her, she states, “[you learn] teamwork, and how to work well with others and different types of attitudes.”

Orozco added that she has used what she learned over the years in her work life, as well as other areas outside of sports. Yojaira Orozco is a prime example of what it means to be a team leader.