By: Sammy Halibi
Staff Writer

The New England Patriots have a score to settle with the New York Giants after the Patriots’ loss four years ago in Super Bowl XLII after their hopes for a perfect season were shattered.

At 18-0, many analysts considered the 2007 Patriots the greatest team in NFL history, gaining comparisons to the legendary 1972 Miami Dolphins, the only team to ever go undefeated.

The Giants’ victory was a lightning strike to the heart of the New England Patriots and their fans, a strike which left an indelible mark of 18-1. That lightning will not strike again in 2012.

The New England Patriots will win this year’s Super Bowl by a predicted score of 32-17 led by the best quarterback in the league, Tom Brady. In a game now dominated by quarterbacks and how well an offense performs, the Patriots have more offensive weapons than any defense in the league can handle.

With two of the leagues top tight ends in No. 87, Rob Gronkowski, and No. 81, Aaron Hernandez, the player mismatches will prove to be too much for the New York Giants’ defense to withstand.

In addition to the tight ends, Tom Brady has a fundamentally sound running game in No. 42, Benjarvis Green-Ellis, and two great wide receivers with No. 83, Wes Welker, and No. 84, Deion Branch .

With the Giants’ front four posing a major threat to Brady’s explosive offense, the New England offensive line will prove they can protect their future hall of fame quarterback.

Although the Patriots’ offense has been receiving a lot of hype this season, their defense has made the biggest comeback of any team in the postseason.

While ranking second to last defensively in the regular season, New England’s  No. 75, Vince Wilfork, has led a defense that has been constantly pressuring opposing quarterbacks in the postseason.

Given the power of the Patriots’ offense and the improvement of their defense, New England may walk away victorious at the conclusion of Super Bowl XLVI.