Nita Lim, Layout Editor

Going green can require many lifestyle changes, such as using public transportation, buying locally-grown produce and recycling. However, did you know that the bedroom is another place that can also take some eco-friendly changes? Here are some tips about going green in the sheets while still going hard!

1. Having sex outdoors can be great because you can enjoy your love-making back where it all started – in nature. Try finding an isolated garden or park to do the deed (Bonus: This scandalous locale hunt adds excitement – a kind of foreplay, if you will). Oh, and make sure to bring a blanket and bug spray. You will not be using any lights (or adding to your carbon footprint); rather, the moon and the stars will be your guide. Just make sure when you are done, you properly dispose of condoms or contraceptives in the nearby trash can. Nothing kills the mood like a litterbug.

2. Condoms have also gone green (no, not just the funky color). Eco-friendly condoms, more commonly known as vegan condoms, do not contain casein, (a dairy product). For true Greenies, Glyde condoms, which are 100% vegan, come in a pack of 12 and in various colors, are the way to go.

3. Shower for two. This all depends on the length of a shower and and if hot/ warm water is being used “Using the shower as foreplay is best and just get in and out, no pun intended.” says an Anonymous Professor. You probably know this already, but showering together really is more green. It is a great way for you and your partner to lather it up. So many people in the world do not have access to clean water and plumbing, so enjoy this luxury with someone.

4. Whether alone or with a partner, sex toys are fun but can be harmful to the environment. Many store-bought toys can contain chemicals such asphthalates, a chemical that softens hard plastics and give them that jelly feeling. In 2004 this substance was banned in various children’s toys. High levels of this substance has been linked with birth defects and hormonal changes. Try to use toys that recharge or even use rechargeable batteries instead of throwing out batteries. Look for glass, silicon, metal or hard plastic toys instead. EarthErotics is a great site to search for various sex toys that are all made eco-friendly from their vibrators to their phthalate-free We-Vibe Touch to their Standard Recycled Rubber Whip made from inner tubes. Babeland is currently donating 10 percent of their profits from eco-toys to Grist, an online environmental magazine.

5. Lube it up. If you are using petroleum jelly during sex, stop. Not only is it bad for you, it is hurting the environment around you and there are much better alternatives. One of the main chemicals found in petroleum jelly is cholinesterase inhibitor and it is known to pollute groundwater. Many of the same chemicals used in lube are the same chemicals found in oven cleaner antifreeze. Now there are great new lubes for you and your partner that are healthy for the environment: Yes lube is free of glycerin, silicones and petroleum. Hathor is a mother-daughter company that created a line of various botanical skincare products.

6. Remember that cute girl you have been chatting up from the Environmental Club? You went with her to clean garbage in parks, gone to recycling centers together and even started a compost in your dorm/room for her. But what would turn her on even more is you rocking C-IN2 biodegradable, bamboo sustainable and pesticide free underwear! Though she may like them so much she just might not want you to take them off. For the females, brands such as Chantelle, Green Knickers, Pact, Enamore and SheFinds all provide various forms of eco-friendly underwear. From organic Turkish cotton to hemp, bamboo, fair trade and organic cotton, and from thongs to boy shorts, these sites have a great variety of eco-alternative and cuts.

7. Candles are always romantic, but now they can also save energy by not using lights. There are also various kinds of eco-friendly candles that can be used instead of traditional kinds of wax candles. Try looking for beeswax, soy or palm oil candles to set the mood.