Mimms talking with his team during a game against North Hampton Community College.

Alphonsus Delgra, Staff Writer

The Bergen Community College baseball team rallied against rival Union Community College to obliterate them 19-9. It was an intense back-and-forth game between the teams with double plays and triple runs turning the momentum constantly. Cheers were constantly coming from both pits, going on to push them forward to play harder.

The game had an intense start with a double play from the Bulldogs to lead them into the bottom of the inning where they were up at bat. The first run was scored by No.9 Mike Brito. During the next inning, both teams were unable to score with constant strikeouts and decisive fly balls from both pitchers. Union CC finally scored their first run during the top of the third but the Bulldogs roared back with another run from Brito. His run was answered by two more from Union CC.

By the time the fifth inning began, Union CC was up 5-3. The Bulldogs had kept control of the momentum however for the rest of the game, scoring triple runs on two instances.This not only helped them beat Union, but to embarrass them by extending the score to 19-9 which on the 19th run ended the game.

This should serve as a good jumping point for the Bulldogs to keep playing hard for the rest of the season.