Karem Daif, Staff Writer

The Child Development Center, located in Ender Hall, has always been of convenience for parents to leave their children on campus. With recent price reductions however, it is more affordable than ever for both faculty and students alike.

achieved what they set out to do. “Bottom line, students can’t afford it. What student can afford $11.50 an hour?” said Dionsio.

Sally Dionsio, Director of the Child Development Center, shed some light on the direction of the facility. When asked why prices were being slashed, Dionsio said, “It’s hard for faculty and students to go to school and pay for child care. We just wanted to make things easier.”

Previously, students were paying $221.30 and staff were paying $269 for full time child care. Now, the prices dropped to $180 for students and just $200 for staff. Part time for students was $165 and for staff, $213. After the price reductions, part time costs for student child care dropped to $140 and for $160 for staff.

The fact is, child care can be expensive, especially for students who have to juggle expenses. Now that the Child Development Center has drastically cut their prices, many more opportunities can arise for young children to get the support and attention they need while their parents are in school or at work.

Summer sessions will be available and service to the community is always welcomed. With prices that cannot be beat, a state of the art safe facility and the friendliest staff anyone could ask for, the Child Development Center is doing their part to ensure the best interests of the students, staff and most of all the children, are met.