Alumni representative John Zeuner responds to the news that he is granted voting rights.

Anthony Sganga, Editor-in-Chief & David Gomez, Co-Editor

After months of delays and a tied vote, The Board of Trustees unanimously voted to allow the alumni representative, John Zeuner, voting rights.

Eager students piled into TEC 128 where the Board of Trustees meeting took place on May 1. Students came to voice their support of granting the board’s alumni representative voting rights. However, the students were not satisfied with just the vote, they wanted the voting rights to be a permanent fixture, terms with which the board could not agree.

The meeting began with Interim President Dr. Jose Adames praising student and club accomplishments; with other topics dealing with student and institutional affairs, the floor then opened up to the issue that resulted in the enthusiastic turnout. The Board of Trustees granted voting rights to the new alumni representative, which was confirmed as Board Chairman E. Carter Corriston spoke of an e-mail sent to all board individuals recommending the notion. As students were given the opportunity to speak to the board, all voices heard were concerned with the chances of the alumni vote lasting only as long as a single academic year.

We need a student to have a vote,” said Margarita Valdez, the Student Government Association’s new president. “I want that vote to be here forever.”

Students pressed on the issue for the vote to last, but Chairman Corriston resisted, “We can’t bind a future Board.”

This set the stage for what will surely be the keypoint of future debates between the board and student body. While the alumni rep was given a vote, this right is only guaranteed for a year. The language of the proposal states that current representative, Zeuner, is granted voting rights through June 30. Following this, the new representative, Kathryn Rodriguez, will be a voting member for the 2012-2013 academic year.

The problem arises in regards to what will happen when a new board is appointed. While the current board enacted the voting rights, they can be rescinded when Rodriguez leaves the position in June of 2013.

With the uncertainty, only one thing is assured, this issue is now in the hands of the next generation of Bergen’s student leaders, and with them lies the responsibility to continue what the last generation began.